Project Big Bang: How Extreme Networks Transformed its Global Network with ExtremeCloud IQ in 24 hours

Project Big Bang: How Extreme Networks Transformed its Global Network with ExtremeCloud IQ in 24 hours post thumbnail image

Extreme cloudifies total global network in 24 hours

Recently, Extreme Networks internal team completed what we refer to as “Project Big Bang.” Post the Aerohive acquisition, the time came to cloudify all networks across every Extreme site. Jeff Creasy, VP of Technology Solutions, and Larry Baker, Network Operations Manager, set out to convert every site over a 24-hour period.

Essentially, Extreme Networks transformed its global network by installing and enabling 26 office locations across EMEA, APAC and the Americas consisting of both wireless and wired ExtremeCloud managed products in 24 hours. Through the power of ExtremeCloud IQ cloud management and control, the team preconfigured and set up the complete environment in preparation for the global 24-hour rollout. ExtremeCloud IQ automated device discovery and provisioning eliminated the need for IT resource presence at all global locations.

This rollout, combined with planned expansions over the next 30 days, supports Extreme’s global 3,000-employee workforce across 26 office locations. Not to mention, all of this was accomplished while being mindful of the current pandemic and implementing the required precautions.

ExtremeCloud IQ brings global unification and complete reliability to the company network

Project Big Bang has led to a global unification of the network in the cloud with frequent updates, full visibility, flexibility with controls in individual sites, and ease of use. Ultimately, XIQ enables no-nines uptime and access to unlimited data.

“When we made the switch, there was no network impact. My number one priority was uptime, and the process was done seamlessly,” explained Jeff Creasy. “It really was simple from an end-user perspective in terms of the person who’s actually going to utilize the service. All the preconfiguration and provisioning work was done in the XIQ portal, so as soon as that device was seen online, it provisioned, came online, and was part of the corporate network.”

Cloud-managed networks are the new standard for networking, using a SaaS model to securely provide ease of use, simplicity, and control and analytics for on-premise network devices. The goal of a CMN is to make deployment management and control over network infrastructure devices easy, offset the need for trained staff at remote locations, and both CapEx and OpEx savings. Extreme Cloud IQ delivers:

  • Flexibility: Optimized for skills, scale, and business objectives
  • Agility: Continuous innovation and frictionless delivery
  • Security: Proven in the most risk-sensitive environments
  • Technology: Access to the world’s best of breed technologies

Jeff Creasy and Larry Baker will discuss their transition experience to the cloud from a network operations perspective at the Extreme Connect Virtual user conference, on Wednesday, September 16 at 3 p.m. ET.

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