Extreme Connect 2020 – Not Your Average Virtual Conference, We Promise.

Extreme Connect 2020 – Not Your Average Virtual Conference, We Promise. post thumbnail image

Over these past 7 months you’ve probably been on more zoom calls than you could have ever imagined, said, or heard the words virtual, quarantine, and pandemic” approximately 600x/day and are beginning to realize cabin fever is real. You may be thinking… great, another virtual conference where I’m just going to be sitting in front of my computer all day long.” Well, think again!

Extreme Connect has always been a user conference unlike any other, but for our first-ever virtual event, we’re pulling out all the stops. This year, you’ll need to dig out your dancing shoes, change out of your sweats for a live concert, and get your game face on for some intense esports competition. Oh, and leave your credit card in your wallet. You won’t need that, because this conference is free!

Now you’re probably wondering what am I even talking about? Let me explain. This year, we are taking it UP a few notches with our Connect Up after-hours entertainment segment. What will you find within Connect Up?

Listen UP – One of the greatest parts of Extreme Connect’s past has always been the experience of winding down from the multiple jam-packed days of learning with some live music. And that will be the case again this year. So, while your home office is no Island in the Sun, or Beverly Hills, you can still rock with Grammy Award-winning Weezer or treat yourself to DJP spinning vinyl from his collection of over 40,000 records.

Mix UP – CEO Ed Meyercord, COO Norman Rice, and the Extreme team have been hard at work to find the perfect cocktail recipe that’s as flavorful as this conference! After a few spills, party fouls, and taste tests, and collaboration with Jared the M.I.T. graduate & professional bartender, they have finally found the perfect mix. Take a look at the sneak peek below, and be sure to join the Mix UP session for the secret touches that make these libations extremely tasty.

Drink #1: Extreme75

Blackberry-infused Beefeater Gin, Bénédictine, fresh lemon juice, Angostura Bitters, sparkling wine

This is a very purple variation on a classic French 75, with a touch of honeyed Bénédictine and baking-spice Angostura bitters to complement the bright acidity and brambly flavors of the blackberries.

Drink #2: The Grand Tour

Tequila Fortaleza Reposado, Amontillado Sherry, fresh lime juice, pineapple, Regan’s Orange Bitters

This is a lighter-weight take on a Margarita fit for the summertime. Roasted agave flavors and toasted oak from the tequila is paired with nutty sherry, and cooked pineapple to add layers of complexity and dimension to a familiar drink.

Level UP – We know a few of you have dusted off the old gaming consoles during quarantine, and if you haven’t, get your practice in now! Extreme Connect attendees can play in a rotating schedule of esports games including Overwatch, Valorant, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and Rocket League. Register to play or watch one of 150 different matches. Be ready to compete because the final matches will be held on the esports Unetwork Twitch channel with the chance to play against former NFL players Ahman Green, Shane Vereen, and Brock Vereen.  

Read UP –We know work-life balance can be a lot right now. Extreme is here to help. We’ve got kids bedtime covered. Our team will read the stories. You just go ahead relax, unwind, and enjoy you new cocktail as part of Extreme Connect’s Connect UP afterhours program!

Brush UP – Extreme employees across the globe are showing off their hidden talents and teaching them to you. Whether it’s a new dance move, tips for your golf game, or how to speak Yiddish, we promise you will come away with a new non-technical skill to share with your friends & family. Don’t miss CEO Ed Meyercord’s special talent (he takes our core principle of being flexible to a whole new level).

2020 has thrown a lot of curve balls, but we’re going to hit Extreme Connect out of the park! Not only will you learn more about our solutions and industry trends, but there will be plenty of entertainment for the whole family. Get them involved – how often do you have time to bring them to a conference they can enjoy too? There’s truly something for everyone. We can’t wait to Connect UP and advance with you, register now!

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