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These days all the tech companies are looking for the implementation of the artificial intelligence technology into their products to make it more valuable. There are many artificial technologies which can be used but not all are useful to invest in as every technology has its own merits and demerits. Now almost 62% of companies are using AI technologies. Let us discuss artificial intelligence technology in detail.

  1. Natural language generation:

It is a type of AI technology which helps in converting data into texts which enables the machines to give the desired output with accuracy. It is used in the customer service sector to generate the reports.

  1. Speech recognition:

Siri is the best example of speech recognition which is a voice assistant in Apple devices. On a daily basis, many systems are created for speech recognition to provide the voice interaction between human and machine. It helps in providing general day to day information.

  1. Virtual agents:

A virtual agent is a program or a computer agent which can interact like a human. For example chatbots which are being used at many places for customer service support to minimise the load of repetitive tasks on the employees. Many companies provide virtual agents like Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Google. Apple. Etc.

  1. Machine learning platforms:

Now robots are intelligent and they can also learn. This is possible because of the machine learning platform which is a branch of artificial intelligence. Machine learning platforms are used to develop the programs by which a machine can learn. By providing big data, algorithm, applications, application programming interface, and other tools, machine learning is getting a grip. Currently they are focussing on classification and prediction. Some companies which sell machine learning are Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Skytree, etc.

  1. Decision management:

In this era of technology, machines became intelligent. They can apply logic and rules in AI systems. They can be used for initial training, tuning and maintenance purposes. Decision management has been incorporated in many applications for the basic automated decisions to make your business profitable.

  1. Deep learning platforms:

This platform uses artificial neural circuits with many layers that can behave like a human brain, can process the data, create the patterns and make the decisions. Currently, they are used for pattern recognition.

These are some of the artificial intelligence technologies which are used to give the advanced features to the machines.

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