A Guide to Download Rummy App

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Since online Indian Rummy has been flourishing lately, it is more comfortable to play on the app; the Rummy App game consists of cash transactions, making it difficult for a game to be on App Store/ Google Play Store sometimes. But there is nothing to worry about. You can still download it with the steps given below easily and quickly.

Here is the quick guide to installing the Rummy App in your Android/IOS:

For Android –

Step 1 –Download the apk file of your chosen Rummy App.

  • Give a missed call on the number given on site of your chosen Rummy App. For example, if its Rummy Passion App, Give a missed call on +9192233-00012.

If the first option is unavailable, leave your contact number in the registration box on site. You will receive a message that contains a download link. Tap on that link to proceed with downloading.

  • Scan QR code with a QR code scanner to start downloading right away from the website.
  • Direct download link from the website. Tap the download now button, and it will start downloading in seconds.

Step 2 – Install the app after downloading

While directly installing after downloading the apk, a warning will pop up, which indicates the app is not from Google Play Store. To get rid of that, follow the steps below.

  • Go to settings > Security > allow “Install from Unknown Sources.”
  • Open the downloaded Rummy file and click Install.
  • Please wait for it to finish installing and login with your account.

For IOS –

Step 1 –Open the App Store

Open the App Store on your Apple device and search for your desirable Rummy App. E.g., Rummy Passion

Step 2 –Start Installation

After choosing your desirable Rummy App, click on “Get” to start installing. Once its installed, log in with your ID.

For Windows –

Step 1 –Visit the site

Visit the site of the desirable app you want to download on your PC. Click on the option of Download on Windows. You can see it will start downloading in your download tab.

Step 2 – Run the application

After downloading, Run the application for proceeding to installation. It will begin to install itself after you check approval boxes and click “next.”

Once the installation is finished, click on “finish.” Now you can log in and begin the experience of online Rummy.

What are the benefits of having a Rummy app on your phone?

  • If you are travelling and have nothing to kill boredom? Rummy Appon your phone is heavenly. You can play for hours and enjoy your journey.
  • Having it on your phone increases the chance for you to play it more often. This habit can enhance your Rummy skills and make you a pro.
  • Mobile apps are quick at notifying you about every new thing. That way, you never miss an important tournament.

Is •Imagine having control over everything under your fingertips? Yes, all the features right under your fingertip so you don’t have to deal with complicacy.


Rummy apps make your experience far better and interactive. When you get familiar with them, no one can stop you from becoming a Rummy Champion. Even though Rummy Apps are fun to play but also, needs to be sure about how secure the Rummy App is, you can trust apps like Rummy Passion. So, download the Rummy App and enjoy!


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