5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Local Area Network (LAN)

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Local Area Network (LAN) post thumbnail image

Computer network is becoming bigger than any thing and on the same side so many people want to learn computer networks and for those people we have made a article to help the readers by giving useful and latest information on computer networks. There are so many articles in our blog, you can go through once and today we are going to describe the topic on advantages and disadvantages LAN. Before entering to the topic, you need to know about Local Area Network.

Local Area Network (LAN)

What is a LAN? Local Area Network - Cisco

Since LAN is a collection of computer machines and other linked nodes, LAN means that it acts as a private network and can transfer data between the entire network. The local area network is structured to operate in small areas, such as shopping centres, offices, campuses, etc. The primary objective of using LAN is to share multiple computing and swap data with tools (printer, FAX machine, plotter, etc.).

Advantages of Local Area Network (LAN)

  1. Cheap and Easy Communication

This method will save the time and money while transferring messages and data over networked computers.

  1. Resource Sharing

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With the assistance of local area networks, computer hardware services such as printers, modems, DVD Rom drives and hard disks can be shared. This would decrease the cost of purchasing hardware. For instance, for the employees of this office, a business corporation using a Local Area Network for an office may use a single network printer.

  1. Internet Sharing

The Local Area Network offers the ability for all LAN users to share a common Internet connection. The single internet access sharing scheme in Net Cafes keeps the cost of the internet lower. Since only one high-speed Internet connection from every ISP – Internet Service Provider business is purchased by a net cafe.

Disadvantages of Local Area Network (LAN)

  1. Threat of Data Security

Unauthorized users may access critical organizational data if the LAN administrator does not properly protect the centralized data repository. The protection of the entire data resource of an organisation is the responsibility of the LAN Administration. A fully functional security policy for database protection will be enforced by the LAN administrator.

  1. High Setup Cost

Although the LAN can save time due to shared computer resources, the initial setup costs of deploying Local Area Networks are high. This is because any company that is trying to set up a network will have to buy the requisite networking hardware.

A sophisticated server machine may be needed a mini computer, LAN network cards, network routers, HUBS or switches, network cables only for wired networks and connectors, etc. In addition, the setup of a new network in an enterprise would require a network technician.

  1. LAN Maintenance

Local Area Network needs a LAN Administrator. Since software installations or hardware failures or cable delays in the Local Area Network are problematic. For this full time job, a LAN administrator is required.

On a last line to say, above are the advantages and disadvantages LAN.

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