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The use of smartphones has given rise to the need to develop mobile applications. Whether it is for personal use or business purpose, contracting a development company requires huge funds. Not everyone has Luckily, now you can create your own app with the help of mobile app development software. You do not require any prior coding experience or heavy investment. In this post we are going to cover that free app development software.

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Appy Pie

It is one of the most popular app makers in the market as it gives complete newcomers the opportunity to create their very own mobile app in minutes. In addition, Appy Pie is tied with a host of unique features allowing users to add. Small and medium-sized businesses find this app builder useful because it offers a variety of plans to get users started for free. Once users realize creating an app, membership has great plans that can cater to all budget sizes. Appy Pie places strong emphasis on customer service. The App Creator includes a comprehensive list of tutorials, addressing every possible issue a user may encounter when building their app. Also, a live chat option is available to solve any problems you face while creating your app.

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Flutter is a free mobile app development software that is best suited for hybrid apps. It is one of the newest members in the mobile app development space and is written in C, C++, and Skia Graphics Engine. It is Google’s UI toolkit that enables you to create applications from the same codebase for mobile, web and desktop. What’s more, you don’t have to restart the application while testing your project. It provides hot reload functionality, which makes the entire development process stress-free and optimized. Incorporate all critical platform differences such as navigation, scrolling, icons, and fonts, offers fully-customizable widgets to render fast development of native apps and Creates plugins using channels to be easily used by every developer.

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AppsGeyser is a web platform that allows converting any web content to Android app in 2 easy steps. It is an Android-only codeless application development platform that allows users to create template-based mobile apps based on content pulled from webpages. The AppsGeyser tool is easy to use and bundles social sharing, tabs, messaging, and full support for HTML5 enhancements. On top of the free plan, it offers 3 payment plans – Master ($ 10 / month to remove ads and receive many additional features including premium support), Business ($ for features similar to Master Plan minus support 10 / month) and individual plan ($ 5 / month for master plan set of facilities).

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Xamarin is an independent and open-source mobile app development application that was installed by Microsoft in 2011. It is a set of tools that enables developers to create apps for various operating systems including Windows, Android and iOS – all in one programming language. One of the reasons Xamarin is quite popular is that it uses the C # programming language. In addition, using the Xamarin Test Cloud, you can test the app automatically on approximately 2,000 real mobile devices. Offers a real-time testing module to monitor and catch app errors as and when they happen, easily integrates with modern backend services, components, native APIs, and more Enables you to build stunning cross-platform user interfaces.

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