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4 G Internet plans offer fast internet access compared to 3 G plans. Whether you are visiting websites, uploading files or playing online games, you can be assured of greater connectivity than currently accessible 3 G services in India. 4 G stands for “fourth generation” and replaces mobile 3 G networks. Its download speed is about 50 mbps which is 5x faster than the 3 G networks. Let’s take a look at these are India’s best mobile data plan.

  • Airtel 4G:

Airtel is among the first in India to launch 4 G internet. You will get a download speed of 25 Mbps which is pretty decent and the quality of the signal ensures dignity. The cost is fairly priced, too, and easy to install. A customer can switch from his old sim to the new 4 G plan with only a few steps to follow. Some of Airtel’s prepaid plans are unlimited internet with a 5 GB data plan that comes at a cost of Rs 1749(28-day valid). Others is the unrestricted roaming service with 7 GB in India which will cost you Rs 2249.

Reliance Jio vs Airtel vs Vodafone: Best prepaid plans under Rs 300

  • Reliance Jio 4G :

Data Plans (Postpaid & Prepaid) Reliance has emerged with 4 G services called the Jio Reliance service. We launch 4 G compatible smartphones for as cheap as Rs.50 according to schedule. Jio plans are currently only available to their staff, and will soon be available to consumers across India by September 5, 2016. Reliance Jio 4 G’s cheapest prepaid plan is for Rupees 96 (Prime), which comes with free speech, unlimited local and STD calls, and roaming to any network within India.

  • Vodafone 4G :

Vodafone has launched its 4 G services in many of India’s cities. We have more deals to give today than any other service provider with a product for all. They’ve plans to go up to Rs. 1,247 starting from Rs. 102. They are currently offering both 3 G and 4 G services under the same terms, and 4 G terms are available according to the user’s preference for chosen plans.

How to Monitor Your Mobile Data Usage

Whether you want to go for a pan-India coverage brand, your best bet is AirTel and Reliance Jio. However if you’re looking for lower rates then Idea is a good choice. Though they are not available throughout India. Vodafone has done an excellent job of coming up with a lot of data plans that could fit a lot of people according to their needs. But their accessibility and service quality are debatable. Planning to get the best mobile data plan? Go through out article and tell us which one’s for you?

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