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It’s difficult for one to spare some extra time from their hectic life schedule in this fast-moving world to pamper oneself, watch movies and hang out with friends and family. But I would strongly advise you not to be taken over by the world, not to let you be controlled by the world. Learn to spare yourself some time, as once time is gone, you can never come back. Now is the time to let go and enjoy every day, the time to make the most of every second that passes, to enjoy some me-time. If the financial budget stops you from planning your day, then you no longer have to worry, to a greater extent, technology has advanced. Now you can just sit back at home and chill while watching your favourite movies for free as well. It sounds fun, huh? Some of the are listed best apps for watching movies free below; take a look below;

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon recently came up with an idea to launch a movie app and very soon it executed the idea and titled the app as an Amazon Prime Video app, which in a very short span of time has proven to be a major success. You can stream movies online using this app as well as download movies to stream in your spare time. Moreover, the app features original shows which are surely not to be missed watching. The app is actually a premium one, but it comes with a free trial period of 30 days where you can test the app, continuously watch movies for a month, and if you are happy using it, you can later go for its moderately priced monthly or annual subscriptions.


Tubi is one of the best free movie watching apps and, and of its well-developed interface, you do not have to spend much of your time learning the functioning of this software. At the earliest, it updates with the most recent and well-known films so that you don’t have to miss watching any. Movies featured in the app have high quality resolution, ensuring you have an outstanding viewing experience. However, the persistent poping up of multiple ads in between the movies might interfere the viewing experience but it can surely be ignored as the app is fitted with many other amazing features too.

And that’s the end of the list. I hope you enjoyed reading the best apps for watching movies free. Consider the above applications to watch a great movie and post your reviews on the same thing.

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